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Shakespeare in the Park

I am overjoyed to return to Shakespeare Dallas for their fall production of Macbeth. I will be playing one of the infamous witches in Shakespeare's Scottish Play. 

To buy tickets or get more information click here. 

ASTRA, Lost in Space

I am so excited to join the cast of FUNimation's ASTRA, Lost in Space, voice acting in the role of QUITTERIE .

ASTRA, Lost in Space streams Wednesdays 3pm CST on FUNimationNOW, and is available to stream on the FUNimation app. 

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Summer 2019, I had the pleasure of acting in the role of Pheobe in the Shakespeare Dallas production of As You Like it.

"Sakyiwaa Baah as Phoebe (was) comedically pitch perfect and earned all their laughs." 

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