"Sakyiwaa Baah as Phoebe (was) comedically pitch perfect and earned all (her) laughs"

"She's beautiful royalty in her courtly floor-length silk gown...Baah played The Countess with confident elegance, walking, moving and talking as if she excelled at her finishing-school"

"Sakyiwaa Baah (is) funny."

"Sakyiwaa Baah as Bianca (is)  pitch perfect, hitting just the right notes to complement the other performers and the play overall."

New Theatre Company Altered Shakespeare To Presents THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA

Jubilee Theatre gives a musical version of two O. Henry short stories a subtle spin with The Gifts of the Magi.

Quintin Jones, Sakyiwaa Baah, and Bryan Blanks in Jubilee Theatre’s The Gifts of the Magi.

2013 Jimmy Awards Nominees Announced!