Hello! Bonjour! Salut! Hola! Jambo! Ciao! 你好! 

sakyiwaa /sætʃuʌ/ 

Who am I...?


Well that's a loaded question.

I learn the answer to that more and more everyday.


I am an actress, makeup artist, performer, creator... a lifelong learner, truth seeker, a doer; I am an explorer, adventurer, an advocate of joy.


The creative process moves me. I take great delight in making words on paper come alive, and I seek to always pour sparks of light into my work. Art can, and should provoke transformation, within both the artist, and the receiver, and that is why I am building a career in the arts.


I am a recent graduate of Texas Christian University where I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting.

When I am not acting, or thinking about acting, I love getting my hands into a project, or getting into nature to visit the trees. Aside from the arts, I take great interest in learning about psychology, metaphysics, and ancient cultures.



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