hello! bonjour! salut! hola! jambo! ciao!

Hi! I'm Sakyiwaa. (sach-a-wah) /sætʃuʌ/


St. Louis born, Dallas, Texas raised, now planting roots in New York City. 

I’m an actress, a thinker, a creator... a lifelong learner… a truth seeker. I am an explorer, a doer, an adventurer, an advocate of joy!

I am an actress because I love people. I consider myself to be a student of the human condition. Humans fascinate me. I am endlessly intrigued by human behavior, and why humans do what they do. My inquisitive nature leads me to bring a spirit of curiosity to my work as an actress. I take great delight in making words on paper come alive, and bringing characters to life. 

I am a 2019 graduate from Texas Christian University, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. Aside from acting, I take great interest in learning about psychology, metaphysics, and ancient cultures.

To learn more about my recent acting gigs and full body of work, please see my resume.